Sunday, January 9, 2011

Costume and Actors

So after careful thinking, I decided that I was going to have three characters for my movie- two the cruel brothers and one the victim who is the man protagonist. Here are the pictures of the two mean brothers:

John Sheikh

I chose Ouni and John because of their degree of availability which was high and therefore meant that I could rely on them when I start shooting. Also he looks like a bully because of his physique as it is conventional for bullies to look like commanding figures. He is very similar to the actor Josh Peck who plays a high school bully in Drillbit Taylor (2008- Paramount movie) and seems very appropriate to play a villainous role like this. 

Here is Josh Peck from the movie Drillbit Taylor:

Josh Peck in Drillbit Taylor

So the resemblance Ouni shares with Josh according to physique and appearance is the reason why he is a perfect fit for the role of a mean and aggressive brothers. 

Same goes for John, except that he is more well-built compared to Ouni. He resembles Alex Frost from the same movie who plays a high school bully names Filkins along with Josh Peck. 

Here is a picture of Alex Frost:

So since both the actors look very brutal and aggressive while playing the cruel and insensitive brothers in my movie called 'Brothers', I felt that they should be handed these roles. Also, notice that they have a very brute and short haircut, which is conventional for bullies to have as observed in the movie Drillbit Taylor. 

To make it more clear, the appearances are just to signify their roles initially, however it should be made clear that the audience will pay more attention to the hostile expressions they exhibit during the movie which further signifies their roles and thinking processes. 

So,therefore they are well-suited for the roles they've been assigned to.

Now coming to the main character, who is also the victim(Ali) I chose him because of his overall appearance and the fact that he looks younger and sweet compared to the brothers John and Ouni. Because he looks more fragile compared to others, it clearly marks that he is physically inferior compared to the brothers and can therefore be easily overpowered if provided a chance. 


Also as for the costumes, since the scenes will be shot in a house and such a location requires casual clothing, All my actors will be wearing casual clothes like people do at homes. Ali will be wearing lightly colored clothes to indicate his age and innocence, and further signify to the audience that this main protagonist is a very nice and gentle kid, well atleast for these particular scenes of my opening title. 

As for his brothers, John and Ouni will be dressed casually also, however one of their garments will signify their negative attitudes and thinking patterns, and the fact that they are not good brothers to Ali. I might ask them to wear a cool vest or a tightly-fitting shirt. John is well-built and I by using any of the two specified garments, I can ensure that the audience understand him by observing his overall appearance. Same goes for Ouni.



This is the MindMap I made for my film. It focuses on the primary genre being Adventure along with Drama and Psychology. Since my movie is about social problems, it revolves around these genres.

This is a PowerPoint Presentation of the abtract MindMap I made while brainstorming for my final task:

Photographs of the Location

 The location for the movie is Arif's ( a media colleague)  house because it is quite large and signifies the fact that the main protagonist (Ali) has everything and is a higher than the middle class, but the only problem in his life is the hostile attitude of his two brothers (John and Ouni).

Here is the bedroom which i will John will be shown sitting on the computer when Ali walks in to it:

John's bedroom

A part of the Hall in which Ali will be shown going to Ouni's bedroo

Here is Ouni's bedroom, where Ouni will be shown seated on the bed while watching TV:

Ouni's bedroom

Here is the gallery where Ali will be shown gazing at the inky-black sky  while thinking as to why his brother's despise him so much:


Audience Survey

After further research on similar movie products, I decided likewise and decided that the movie would also appeal to teenagers above the age of 13 and also people in their mid twenties or thirties. I showed it to my family members including cousins and they liked the uniqueness of my movie a lot.

However, the first step I took was that I uploaded the opening title on Facebook to first see what my media colleagues has to say about it. Here are their comments:

*Note: They gave their comments in March because I tagged them during that month as I was busy researching for my product and so were they:

  • Arika Dodani good movie! I would like to see the whole thing if it ever comes!

    11 March at 23:35 · 

  • Andrew Jared Dean good stuff...i dont get it though :P probably not something id watch...the music reminded me of Taare Zameen Par though :)

    Translation: good stuff..i dont get it though. probably not something id watch, the music reminded me of the Indian movie Stars on Earth though.
    12 March at 17:39 ·  ·  2 people
  • Andrew Jared Dean lovely work Mohsin Hussain id give u the Golden Globe for this...if i had it 

And I even posted my video on Youtube, where some of my friends commented on the video and gave positive feedback:

good stuff :)
          So, the review I got from them was a positive one and this was the assured me a bit that my movie would be appealing for teenagers and middle aged adults .
        Then like I mentioned above I showed it to my family who offered me more ideas as to how I could enhance  my movie.


          The main props of this movie are day-to-day objects people use in their houses.:

          *Note: The pictures used to show the props which will be used in my film have been taken from Google:

          In the first scene a pencil box will be shown propped near the bedside to signify that Ali (the protagonist) is a creative person and draws and colors his drawings in his spare time:

          A pencil-shaped color box like this will be propped on Ali's bedside

          In the same scene, a lined paper sheet of a register will be shown on which Ali will be drawing:

          Sheet on which Ali will be shown drawing

          There will also be a register in his hands during that scene and the drawing on one of its pages:


          And when he will enter John's room, John will be sitting near a computer wearing headphones listening to music and chatting with his friends on Facebook:

          Headphones which John will be wearing

          When Ali will enter Ouni's bedroom, Ouni will be shown with a TV remote in his hand to make it obvious to the audience that he is watching TV:

          A TV remote which Ouni will be shown holding to signify to the audience that he is watching TV

          Shot List


          In the first scene of the movie, the protagonist (Ali) is shown drawing a picture of his brothers looking at him with hostile expressions. Then he is shown vacating his bedroom and going to explore his house like small kids usually do. He fearfully tries to pass his brother (John) without drawing attention, and when he approaches the second brother( Ouni), the brother gives him a steely look and shows that Ali's presence is unwanted. Ali, then goes to the balcony and looks up at the sky, trying to figure out why his brother hate him so much.

          Storyboard for film

          The soundtracks have been taken from a local musician named Danish with his permission.

          This is the storyboard:

          * I've changed the order of the first two shots and show the paper one after a distant shot of Ali (the main protagonist)