Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Internship in Pyramid Studios

As AS level Media students, we still hadn’t gained experience sufficient enough to be called ‘Media literate’. We had just begun applying the filming techniques we had learnt theoretically in class on our final projects and were supposed to start working on their opening titles. We were fully aware of the fact that the titles were to be animated as done in films, but had been having quite difficulty in grasping the concepts of such a practical task.

Sir Zaman, our school’s A-level media teacher perhaps realized this and arranged an internship program for us to understand as to how a Media industry operates and the work involved in production of significant media products like television ads, promo material for singers and yet to be released dramas. It was to start from the 22nd of December, 2010 and we had to attend a meeting with the chair of Interflow-a dominant Media Industry of Pakistan mainly working on the management and airing of such products.

The meeting with the chair proved to be quite interesting and significant as we were explained how a particular Media industry functions, given the liberty to have our queries solved by the experienced people themselves.  

Interflow has had 27 years of success as a Media industry with 204 employ strength and five departments including strategic planning, accounting for 30% of industry billing. It handles advertising, media planning and buying, production, activation and a media house responsible for electronic and outdoor media products. The media department is held responsible for airing and then buying of a product (e.g. ads) after making careful and appropriate decisions.  The creative department is responsible for art-designing of the particular products.

Ufone, Mountain Dew, Lays, Pepsi and 7Up are some of the industrial companies which rely on Intergroup for having their particular product aired on television and promoted. Other domestic companies like BAA-Contact plus, Habib Masala, Olpers, Tarang and Manapasand also rely on Intergroup for the same objective.