Monday, October 18, 2010

Social groups

The social groups portrayed in my movie are in-groups and out-groups, however more focused are the in-groups which are considered more primary and significant by the main protagonist. The main character's brothers being a part of his family (which is the main primary group for the individual)  treat him in an ill-mannered way. If the family members bully a child, the effect is far dangerous than the one a child experiences from school bullies. If a person is neglected by the family even if not by the people in school, he will still have a lot of problems because he cannot confide with his family secrets or discuss any problems he might be facing. Family consist of primary caregivers and if they neglect a child, then he will surely have problems. Here is the picture of a boy being bullied:

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Secondary groups will also be shown in the movie because for the child these secondary groups will become primary as his brothers, members of family which is a primary group will not help him in any manner and abuse him whenever possible.

Searching Genres for my movie

After my prelim, I decided that my final task will strictly emphasize on different social groups, how victims develop social impairments. So, therefore I decided that my movie will have psychological significance for the audience, but I will fully ensure that it stays mainstream. My movie is about a child who gets bad treatment at the hand of his cruel brothers, which has quite an impact on him. However, unlike Disney's Cinderella which had a similar them, this movie will not end like a fairytale fantasy, but will portray the grim reality which we are quite accustomed to.

In Cinderella, her step sisters and mother were extremely cruel to her, and treated her like a house maid. Families are treated as a primary social group and heavily thus influence the cognitive processes of the members of it. Because Cinderella was a children's movie, it didn't show such adverse effects on Cinderella who was victimized in the family.

So, the genre is Drama like Disney's 1950 Cinderella Movie, but it is more reality-oriented unlike Cinderella which had a thoroughly fictitious approach. This movie even though is Drama is for teenagers and young adults as the violence the victim (main character) receives at the hands of his oppressors may have a negative impact for extremely young audiences.

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There have been other movies however which have been linked more closely to my movie and less fantasy-oriented than the movie Cinderella, and the modern versions based on her. My movie excludes the genre Romance which was present in Cinderella and the movies based on it:
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Movies like the Karate Kid in which the main character Dre Parker was beaten up by bullies shows the adverse effects they have on him for some time since he starts hating his residence, his school and most importantly; his life. My character will have more major breakdowns because the people oppressing him are none other than his brothers. Similarly like the movie Karate Kid, the main character faces the grim reality. However, even in Karate Kid the main character had a positive ending as he learned to fight and defeated his oppressors in the end who then acknowledged him as a member of their own group.

In my movie, since the brothers aren't accepting the protagonist, this will have a more drastic effect on him and he will have more problems than children who face bullies in school. 
With the scene shot, we now decided to edit the video. Being still not used to handle editing softwares, we let our independent group member Arif to handle it.The shots taken still needed more polishing. Due to the fact that the group hadn't been co-ordinated, we decided to make certain changes in the way we wanted to be distributed in respected groups.