Friday, October 8, 2010

Technical and Theoretical sapects of Media

In media, bits of Psychology, Economics, History, Cultural Studies and Graphic Designing are studied. Indeed, it is a broad-minded subject, a mixture of all these important subjects. It acts like a medium of communication between various media institutes and audiences. And if used effectively, it could yield positive results. Programs that highly appealing to various audiences will be created, having their particular wants fulfilled. And the institute will gain profit and popularity.

  In my previous classes, many theoretical matters relevant to the subject Media were extensively discussed. The important key concepts were also discussed; media language, audiences, representation, institutions and ideology. Also, narrative and genre were also covered. Lectures on semiotics(sign language) were also given by the theory teacher. Several other important media theories were also highlighted during these classes.  

Online Media journal

My name is Mohsin, I am currently studying media in Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus, Karachi. Now, before I start recording the practical and theoretical matters that are being discussed in class, it would be indeed essential to give a brief introduction on the subject. Media is th e term collectively used to refer to the different forms of communication medium. It is the plural of the word medium.
Mass media refers to tools or means of communication that enables individuals, groups of people, governments, organisations, etc to convey message/messages to the masses, alternatively to a mass audience. Messages transmitted through mass media are meant for the public at large. They assume in partiality between audiences who maybe dispersed through time and space.