Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prelim Analysis

This is the first preliminary video ever produced by  my group. The amateur production tends to highlight a very obvious theme which is bullying like I mentioned earlier. There is continuity in the shots of the first scene (for e.g, the subject walking down the path shown from a long shot and then that shot followed by a slightly closer sideways shot to provide more detail to the viewer from the main protagonist and generate expectations from them. It should be noted that the lighting during the first shot when showing the pathway is poor, chiefly because of shadows being cast by the buildings above and dimming the natural light on the sun on which that entire scene was dependent upon.  

One can simply criticize that when showing the main scene of contact of the subject with the bullies, the camera movement was chiefly stationary, rendering the scene incapable of explaining the situation more clearly as intended. However, the audio of the scene is comparatively better as the mocking noises of the bullies is clearly heard, making their roles obvious and thus signifying their role to the viewer. Also, the sound of hands beating the back of the subject is also efficient in making the roles of the primary character and the secondary (stereotypes) characters  obvious to the viewer/viewers. Continuity in the shots is further emphasized upon when the subject is shown falling down from a specific cut scene to another cut scene, but with a varying camera angle. Also, the thud heard enables the viewer to embrace the magnitude of the situation which is that the victimized subject has been tortured and brutally thrown down on the sun-lit ground. It should be noted that after the "bullying" scene, continuity is quite efficiently showed between the cut scenes. For example, after the subject is shown in the falling momentum, his collapse is shown in another cut-scene and again with a varying angle( the camera is in front of the subject and it is a long shot). As suggested by the practical teacher, minor alterations in the way these scenes were shot. Instead of just showing the victim falling down from various camera angles in different scenes, a first[person scene with the camera falling down from the victim's motion of view could have added more insight in the viewer about this character in question.