Monday, October 18, 2010

Social groups

The social groups portrayed in my movie are in-groups and out-groups, however more focused are the in-groups which are considered more primary and significant by the main protagonist. The main character's brothers being a part of his family (which is the main primary group for the individual)  treat him in an ill-mannered way. If the family members bully a child, the effect is far dangerous than the one a child experiences from school bullies. If a person is neglected by the family even if not by the people in school, he will still have a lot of problems because he cannot confide with his family secrets or discuss any problems he might be facing. Family consist of primary caregivers and if they neglect a child, then he will surely have problems. Here is the picture of a boy being bullied:

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Secondary groups will also be shown in the movie because for the child these secondary groups will become primary as his brothers, members of family which is a primary group will not help him in any manner and abuse him whenever possible.

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