Sunday, January 9, 2011

Audience Survey

After further research on similar movie products, I decided likewise and decided that the movie would also appeal to teenagers above the age of 13 and also people in their mid twenties or thirties. I showed it to my family members including cousins and they liked the uniqueness of my movie a lot.

However, the first step I took was that I uploaded the opening title on Facebook to first see what my media colleagues has to say about it. Here are their comments:

*Note: They gave their comments in March because I tagged them during that month as I was busy researching for my product and so were they:

  • Arika Dodani good movie! I would like to see the whole thing if it ever comes!

    11 March at 23:35 · 

  • Andrew Jared Dean good stuff...i dont get it though :P probably not something id watch...the music reminded me of Taare Zameen Par though :)

    Translation: good stuff..i dont get it though. probably not something id watch, the music reminded me of the Indian movie Stars on Earth though.
    12 March at 17:39 ·  ·  2 people
  • Andrew Jared Dean lovely work Mohsin Hussain id give u the Golden Globe for this...if i had it 

And I even posted my video on Youtube, where some of my friends commented on the video and gave positive feedback:

good stuff :)
          So, the review I got from them was a positive one and this was the assured me a bit that my movie would be appealing for teenagers and middle aged adults .
        Then like I mentioned above I showed it to my family who offered me more ideas as to how I could enhance  my movie.

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          1. Mohsin please provide translations for the Urdu portions of their comments.