Sunday, January 9, 2011


The main props of this movie are day-to-day objects people use in their houses.:

*Note: The pictures used to show the props which will be used in my film have been taken from Google:

In the first scene a pencil box will be shown propped near the bedside to signify that Ali (the protagonist) is a creative person and draws and colors his drawings in his spare time:

A pencil-shaped color box like this will be propped on Ali's bedside

In the same scene, a lined paper sheet of a register will be shown on which Ali will be drawing:

Sheet on which Ali will be shown drawing

There will also be a register in his hands during that scene and the drawing on one of its pages:


And when he will enter John's room, John will be sitting near a computer wearing headphones listening to music and chatting with his friends on Facebook:

Headphones which John will be wearing

When Ali will enter Ouni's bedroom, Ouni will be shown with a TV remote in his hand to make it obvious to the audience that he is watching TV:

A TV remote which Ouni will be shown holding to signify to the audience that he is watching TV

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