Sunday, January 9, 2011

Costume and Actors

So after careful thinking, I decided that I was going to have three characters for my movie- two the cruel brothers and one the victim who is the man protagonist. Here are the pictures of the two mean brothers:

John Sheikh

I chose Ouni and John because of their degree of availability which was high and therefore meant that I could rely on them when I start shooting. Also he looks like a bully because of his physique as it is conventional for bullies to look like commanding figures. He is very similar to the actor Josh Peck who plays a high school bully in Drillbit Taylor (2008- Paramount movie) and seems very appropriate to play a villainous role like this. 

Here is Josh Peck from the movie Drillbit Taylor:

Josh Peck in Drillbit Taylor

So the resemblance Ouni shares with Josh according to physique and appearance is the reason why he is a perfect fit for the role of a mean and aggressive brothers. 

Same goes for John, except that he is more well-built compared to Ouni. He resembles Alex Frost from the same movie who plays a high school bully names Filkins along with Josh Peck. 

Here is a picture of Alex Frost:

So since both the actors look very brutal and aggressive while playing the cruel and insensitive brothers in my movie called 'Brothers', I felt that they should be handed these roles. Also, notice that they have a very brute and short haircut, which is conventional for bullies to have as observed in the movie Drillbit Taylor. 

To make it more clear, the appearances are just to signify their roles initially, however it should be made clear that the audience will pay more attention to the hostile expressions they exhibit during the movie which further signifies their roles and thinking processes. 

So,therefore they are well-suited for the roles they've been assigned to.

Now coming to the main character, who is also the victim(Ali) I chose him because of his overall appearance and the fact that he looks younger and sweet compared to the brothers John and Ouni. Because he looks more fragile compared to others, it clearly marks that he is physically inferior compared to the brothers and can therefore be easily overpowered if provided a chance. 


Also as for the costumes, since the scenes will be shot in a house and such a location requires casual clothing, All my actors will be wearing casual clothes like people do at homes. Ali will be wearing lightly colored clothes to indicate his age and innocence, and further signify to the audience that this main protagonist is a very nice and gentle kid, well atleast for these particular scenes of my opening title. 

As for his brothers, John and Ouni will be dressed casually also, however one of their garments will signify their negative attitudes and thinking patterns, and the fact that they are not good brothers to Ali. I might ask them to wear a cool vest or a tightly-fitting shirt. John is well-built and I by using any of the two specified garments, I can ensure that the audience understand him by observing his overall appearance. Same goes for Ouni.


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