Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evaluations- Q3

Q3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

A: Media institutions who have released movies which revolve around social issues are more likely to distribute my movie. Disney can be one of such institutions as it has over the years released movies of varying genres for all types of age groups, with target audiences mainly consisting of young children or teenagers.

The cartoon movie they released 'Cinderella' in 1950, which had been adapted from the famous fairytale story 'Cinderella' had a storyline similar to that of my movie. Because in that movie Cinderella (the main protagonist) was oppressed by the hands of her step mother and step sisters.

However, unlike Cinderella, my movie doesn't take a fictitious approach and the ending is more reality based, not ending in a happily ever after manner. 

Luckily, coming to the modern era, Disney has released movies similar to my story with more of a reality touch, mainly for teenagers which are the main target audience for my movie. 

For example the movie 'Stepsister from Planet Weird' (2000) had a touch of reality even though it had aliens which made it a bit of a fantasy. But, the social relationships between the characters is extensively shown and troubles children of divorced couples have is also excellently highlighted. For example, in the movie the main character Megan Larson hates her stepsister Ariel just because their thinking patterns differ significantly. They work out their differences towards the end, but it takes time as it usually does for a relationship to become healthy. 

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In my movie, the protagonist is well-off, but has difficulty in establishing a strong relationship with his two brothers who seem to find him bothersome and irksome, and don't enjoy his company at all, always alienating him. So, my movie also concentrates on social-related problems and relationships which is why Disney would consider distributing my movie.

Another Disney movie similar to one of my movie's themes is Starstruck (2010), Sarah Olson and Jessica Olson are two different people if assessed in cognitive terms. They always disagree with each others' ideas and Sarah finds her younger sister Jessica quite annoying. In the end it all works out, but this movie also shows a more real-oriented ideology about relationships. Jessica's later developed relationship with another main protagonist Christopher Wilde is also very real, and shows how boys and girls usually get into serious relationship.

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Another institute which might distribute my movie if Disney doesn't is Columbia Pictures. In 2010 it released a movie called the Karate Kid which was very similar to one of my themes because it showed how a boy is treated when people find him bothersome and alien-like. Dre Parker, the main protagonist is bullied by the boys of his school and has a hard time adjusting to his new residence and school. It portrays the grim reality as in the movie Dre has breakdowns and feels like running away from this new life. Same happens to my main protagonist who has more breakdowns than because he is treated bad by his brothers and therefore cannot find comfort with his family unlike Dre who had his mother to comfort him.

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