Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evaluations- Q2

Q2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

A: To begin with, let me first make it clear that the main social group represented in my movie is a primary group-family. Families are extremely important as they believe in one common goal, follow a common structure of living and are there to help the individual whenever his social and academic lives are in disequilibrium.

My movie focuses more on the protagonist brothers as siblings are one of the extremely important members of any particular family. I wanted to make my audience aware of the negative impact on a child if his older brothers treat him badly occasionally, and ignore him when he needs them most. Sibling disputes are very common in real life, however there are times when either of the parties involved cross the limits and ruin each other's lives and images.

For example, looking at the Disney Original Movie StarStruck (2010), the two sisters who were one of the main characters didn't get along well due to the relative difference in age and tastes. However, in the end the older sister sticks up for the younger one when she is in need of her support and therefore change the audience' view about their relationship into a positive one.So, their relationship therefore wasn't strained to a great extent, unlike Ali's brothers' relationship with him.

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Sarah and Jessica Olsen-always bickering with each other

Here is an idea of the degree of relationship Ali has with both his brothers:

John-not happy when Ali playfully comes into his room
Ouni-giving Ali a steely look

So, as one can observe the relationship Ali has with his brothers is strained to a great extent.

My movie also focuses on boys and older boys' predisposition towards aggression as I show in my opening title that the brothers simply ignore their younger brother, John literally chucks Ali out of his bedroom when Ali playfully comes in.

Also, it focuses on teenagers' common characteristics which have been stereotyped and highlighted by society such as using Social Networking sites a lot. John, one of Ali's brothers is shown using Facebook instead of using his time efficiently and doing something constructive.

John- looking at the computer's screen, busy chatting with friends on Facebook instead of  doing something constructive

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