Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evaluations- Q1

Q1: In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

A: My media product challenges some conveniently used conventions of similar media products.

Take for example the movies similar to mine distributed by Disney. In 1950, Disney released Cinderella which though showed how an innocent girl receives horrible treatment at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters, but doesn't harbor negative feelings and in the end gets married to a prince and lives happily ever after. This movie, since it was made at a time when Disney was mainly distributing movies for family entertainment purposes, it was more fantasy-based and ended like a fairytale story is supposed to end. But, I have given my movie a more reality-based storyline because in my movie the character does eventually harbor negative hopes unlike Cinderella who acts in a  'too good to be true' manner in the movie (when in real life this is clearly impossible).

Also, Disney has tried to release more mature and 'real' movies for teenagers, but all the movies end in a fairytale manner and all becomes well. In my movie however, all doesn't become well that easily. and which is why my movie violates the convention such movies pivot on. 

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Taking modern Disney movies into consideration, they have been slightly more realistic in approach, pivoting on social and psychological matters especially concerning teens. However, the movies have always had happy endings. And my movie will most certainly have a climatic ending, letting the audience decide whether it was happy or not.

Some examples of such Disney movies are:

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These Disney original movies have a thing in common; they both have happy endings, unlike my movie which is more reality-oriented than these particular movies

A convention I have followed is that I've made my movie revolve around social issues in young children, which is the case with many Disney Original movies. My movie begins with the shot of the main protagonist (Ali) and his surroundings which help to connect the audience with both the current physical and mental state he is in.

This was done in Camp Rock (2008) in which the character Mitchie Torres who in the first few shots of the movily is heavily focused upon and her surroundings along with her family to make it obvious to the audience about the type of girl she is and her current physical and mental state, thus providing insight into the character.

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A convention which I followed was keeping my characters strictly male as it is the case in many movies, especially ones made by Columbia Pictures as it is considered by society that boys are more pre-disposed to violence than girls. This was the case in a movie similar to one of my main themes which was the Karate Kid, and in the movie, the main character who became a victim to bullying was also male and so were the bullies.

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I haven't violated any shooting conventions because I wanted my movie to be mainstream and violating shooting conventions of such movies is risky.

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