Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Evaluations- Q5

Q5: How did you attract or address  your audience?
Background signifying the creative mind of  the protagonist.

A: I think that the peaceful beginning addresses my audience well enough, bringing a sense of drama and enigma as to what the story is going to be, bringing the audience into the mind of the character and bringing his dreams to the surface along with his primary concerns and problems firstly to ensure that the audience manages to connect with the character.Also the mood is well defined during the shots signifying Ali since I've used a deeply noticeable soundtrack which has an intense effect and makes it clear enough to the audience that he is concocting something creative. The audience will find his room interesting because I've put a pencil box near his bedside to signify that. The POV shot showing him drawing his brothers and himself is interesting and instantly gives the audience an idea as to how his innocent mind works.
POV shot to connect audience with individual's mind

The actor choice will also instantly attract and address the audience because by looking at the young child, the audience can pity his innocence and playful nature. And even by looking at the brothers, they can empathize or end up hating their emotion-less and rude attitudes. Appearances help the audience understand the characters' nature more easily in movies.
Ali- a sweet innocent looking boy
John- An emotion-less macho looking guy


Ouni- A lazy looking boy, wasting time in front of a TV

An important attraction of my movie are the soundtracks which effectively hint at the mood of the protagonist and the situation he is in. For example, when he is drawing, the soundtrack is intense and makes it clear that he is thinking heavily while drawing his brothers and himself.  Then when he gets up to roam around in the house and vainly try to get his brothers' attention, the soundtrack becomes a bit sad as his brothers simply ignore him and makes the audience understand the situation easily.

The sound effects also have an interesting effect on the audience. For example the effect of the door slamming heavily when John shuts the door of his room smirking that he managed to rid himself by his rather pestilential brother (since he considers Ali a pest).

Also, the slow-paced shots in the beginning also manage to connect with the audience as they help them understand the state of mind of the individual properly.

Another main attraction is the logo I've used to show the imaginary institute (Delight Studios) which will distribute my film. The logo looks different and stands out, showing that it is indeed unique. The sound effects accompanying the logo also attract the audience as they give a dramatic sense and making it clear that the institute aims to distribute movies which are intense and dramatic, helping the targeted audience generate expectations from the institute instantaneously.

Imaginary Institute Logo

However, the most important attraction of my movie is the animated opening title 'Brothers' which is shown in an inky black sky and also tells the audience that Ali is thinking about his strained relationship with his brothers and trying to reason as to why they despise him so much..

Attractive opening title

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