Sunday, April 3, 2011

Evaluations- Q7

Q7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in progression from it to the full product?

A: When I first started working on my preliminary task, I didn't know much about Media as a subject. I had only studied camera movement and angles in theory, having not yet been given the opportunity to implement them practically. When my group for the preliminary task was made, I felt like the most useless member because I lacked in technical prowess in comparison to the others. Though I managed to get a say in the creating of its storyboard, my members felt it best that I didn't familiarize myself with the equipment since they thought that it would take me ages to master them. And since the task's submission date was coming near, this was not a good decision for our group. However, I did get to take a few shots in the movie, and also co-directed and edited with my group members. Towards the end I realized that working in a group is tough and that for now I should try working alone in order to improve my overall media skills first.

So during the making of my preliminary movie entitled as 'Alone', I started becoming more technically strong, and also learnt how to give treatments for my film.

Preliminary task:

There were many technical flaws, but the storyboard looked interesting and I decided then that the storyboard   for my final was to be homogeneous to the idea had for the preliminary. I started observing school life more closely, and this helped me create my final opening title.

Also, over the time I learnt how to handle shooting equipment by experimenting with my handycam after going through proper video shooting tutorials at YouTube. I shot some videos in an attempt to document my media progress and ensure that for the final task I am prepared, since I had decided to do the final task alone. Here is some of the work I did after preliminary task for getting inspiration:

This is a behind the scenes video I made for a project I did with my media colleagues-

So I haven't edited it, I was mainly practicing camera movement and since this is more like a documentary, it was new thing to try out.

Here is also a brief video in which I have discussed my progress a bit:

So after doing all these tasks before the final, I progressed technically and my expertise in the technical side proved sufficient enough for the final opening title which I made for my movie 'Brothers'.

I used to work only on a simple editing software as I mentioned above. But after becoming efficient in using Adobe Premiere along with Adobe AfterEffect through which I designed the logo for my movie, I can therefore say that I did become proficient in media as time passed.

I tried experimenting with POV shots and made a POV movie for practice. This helped me master suct type of shots and I was able to use two POV shots in my final task entitled 'Brothers' to help the audience effectively connect with the main protganist.:

POV movie I made for practicing POV shots(This is not my final task):

POV shots from my final movie are:

POV shot of protagonist looking at his drawing
POV shot of protagonist looking at his brother

Here is the final task:

Through this final task one can also observe that I broke no shooting conventions to ensure my movie remain's mainstream. This shows that I prefer my movies to be mainstream because violating shooting conventions to a great extent might lead to the making of an experimental movie which might not be liked by the audience, thus posing a risk.

Also while researching for my film, I learnt a lot about media products similar to mine. This enhanced the concept I had in my mind for the final task. 

So therefore I can heavily conclude that I learnt quite a lot in progression from my preliminary task to the full product. 

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